Academic Year September 2020/2021

All fees are payable termly in advance or by monthly direct debit. Please note a full term’s notice in writing is required on or before the first day of term, for the withdrawal of a pupil from School. In default, a full term’s fees are payable.
NB. Registration Fees do not guarantee places at the school; please see our Admissions Policy for full details. In the event of a place not being gained the Registration Fee is non-refundable.

Main School 2019/20
Reception to Year VI£55.00£3,600
Nursery 2019/20
Week of morning sessions8:00am – 1.15pm£2,134.10 *
Week of full day sessions 8:00am – 3.15pm£3,279.60*
Single morning session8:00am – 1.15pm£426.82*
Single full day8:00am – 3:15pm£655.92*

Children are admitted from 2.5 years old (if they are ready for school).   The Nursery are flexible with sessions, however, we recommend that children build to 5 full days a week for the term before they join Reception class.

* Seaton House participates in the Government 15 hours funding scheme for Early Years, therefore if the child is eligible then the fees quoted above will be reduced in line with the funding provided by the Government. The funding is applicable for children attending a minimum of 5 morning sessions, any afternoon sessions are charged as above.

If a pupil has a sibling at the school, then a 5% discount is applied to the younger sibling’s fees. Once the elder sibling leaves the school the younger sibling reverts to paying the full fee. Similarly, if three siblings are at the school then the 5% discount is applied to the younger two siblings.

Registration fee for Nursery £55.00

Pupils Personal Accident is included in fees.

Trips Fees
Day outings, school visitor/workshop Included in Fees

Payment Options
Payment can be made via Bank Transfer (preferred), cheque or by Direct Debit (see below). The school’s bank details are provided on each invoice. Please note that due to high bank charges the school does not accept credit card payments for school fees. Cash is also not acceptable due to Money Laundering concerns.

Monthly Direct Debit payments
All monthly fees listed are based on each term’s fees accruing separately. Direct Debit payments are taken, usually on or around the 15th day of each month, over nine months. Fees are not taken in December, April and August.

  • Autumn: Sept/Oct/Nov
  • Spring: Jan/Feb/March
  • Summer: May/June/July

After School Care

Due to COVID-19 implications, ASC places are limited in size and only currently available until 4.30pm for Autumn term 2020.  ASC operations will be reviewed for Spring 2021 or sooner if staffing and guidance alters.  To reflect these necessary changes and streamline the administration process, the following will apply for Autumn Term 2020.

Standard Hourly Rate or part thereof: £7.50

After School Care must be booked in advance through the school office and will be invoiced to parents Half Termly in arrears.  Any payments made for sessions missed by pupils will not be refunded.  However, if After School Care is unable to run on any given week, charges will not be levied.

A late collection charge of £25 will be charged for collections after 4.45pm

Terms and Conditions Apply