Inspection Reports

Our most recent inspection was a full regulatory compliance inspection, which means the school was judged against the current independent school regulations and all judgements simply state whether we have met or not met the requirements. There are no quality judgements given for this type of inspection. Our most recent Education Quality Inspection from 2016 still stands, in which the school was judged as excellent for both achievements and personal development.

Due to shared use of the site by the Carshalton Beeches Bowling Club (CBBC), the school was deemed to be non-compliant in a number of areas. As can be seen in the report, the school meets all aspects of compliance which relate to the normal running of the school, which is a significant achievement and an improvement from the compliance part of the inspection in 2016. ISI have raised a number of action points which the School must comply with, but all of these relate to the use of the school site by CBBC and no other aspect.

The quality of education, the pupils’ development, the suitability of staff, provision of information, complaints and the knowledge and skills of leadership were all fully met. All aspects of safeguarding, health & safety, fire safety, risk assessment and security related to the normal running of the school were met.

The School has over recent years tried to find a way to work with the CBBC to allow the redevelopment of the Senior House building and ensure all safeguarding requirements are met, but negotiations have not succeeded. Therefore, as the CBBC lease had already expired the School served notice to evict them following all the correct legal processes. The CBBC contest this eviction and subsequently raised a legal case against the School. After some delay to proceedings, we now have a date for the case to be heard at the end of February 2020. This should hopefully bring a final decision to the issue.

We will receive a re-inspection visit from ISI before the end of the academic year and we hope that with the issue of shared usage by the CBBC resolved, that we will be fully compliant and receive documentation to confirm this.

Educational Quality Inspection 2016

Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report 2019

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy – November 2019