Yesterday, all of our pupils from FI — FVI tried their hand at Maypole Dancing and we found that it is much, much more complicated than it looks!  We had a lovely time as we wound the ribbons into a perfect pattern and then unwound them again to finish the dance exactly where we started.  Thank you so much to Mrs Baker for organising this fantastic day and thank you to Abigail Stopher from The Education Group for your endless patience as you worked with us to show us how to do it.    Here are Form V, showing us how it’s done.


This morning we held our final assembly of the term.  As another action-packed, fun-filled term draws to a close, we wish all our families, friends and teachers a very happy, peaceful Easter break.

On Wednesday, FV and FVI learned all about self defence, how to use public transport safely, how to safely use our mobile phone outside, how to go online safely and what to do if we are made to feel uncomfortable while out without an adult.  Many thanks to PC Angie Gayle, PC Kerry Grover and PCSO Laura Jagoe to talking us through these safety measures and to Keron, Sophie and Tony from Fighting Fit who taught us some useful moves. Now we know how to ward off an attacker and we are fully equipped to deal with any situation — thank you Mrs Mannooch for organising such a useful and informative day. 


Tuesday was Harry Potter Day at Seaton House.  During Assembly, the Sorting Hat put us into our houses — Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.  During the day, we played Quidditch and scored points for our houses, we made wizard hats, we  played wizard bingo, we made owl pom poms, dragon plates and painted potion bottles.  Thank you Mrs Mannooch for organising this fantastic day!


FIV & FV have spent a very interesting week learning all about life in Ancient Greece.  We learned all about art and pottery, the clothes we might have worn and all about myths and the culture, the gods and goddesses. We made crowns and Trojan horses, and in assembly, we showed off the Greek dancing we have learned.  We did our own Olympics and took part in a theatre workshop run by the Theatre Exchange. All in all, a fascinating week!  


This morning, Reception Class invited family and friends to hear their lovely singing, followed by morning coffee and lots of cake.  If we were really lucky, we got to hold a newly hatched baby duckling!  It was the loveliest celebration which really put us in the mood for Easter. Thank you so much to all our parents and
brother and sisters who came to support us and to Mrs McGreevy, Miss McGreevy and Mrs Cooper for organising such an amazing morning and for baking such yummy cakes! 


FV and FVI have had the most wonderful time on the Isle of Wight this week, playing games, kayaking, paddleboarding, team building, learning all about dinosaurs and lots more — all in blazing sunshine.  Thank you so much to Mrs Wilson, Mrs Brooks, Mrs Riddick and Miss Parker for organising this amazing trip. 


This morning, FIV led a very powerful and thought-provoking assembly.  The message was clear: we must accept  ourselves for who we are and that there are  some things about ourselves that we cannot change.  The important thing is that we must never, ever give up because we know that if we work hard and if we keep trying, we will achieve our goals.  Our girls remembered all their lines and their dancing was worthy of the West End.  Thank you Mrs Hammond, Mrs Mannooch and girls for such a wonderful assembly and to our parents who came to support us.


FI & FII had a wonderful time yesterday at historic Hampton Court.  We learned a Tudor Dance, we visited the Great Hall where a Tudor feast, fit for a King was laid out, we learned to ride a horse, Tudor-style and we went into the Chapel where King Henry VIII got married. We had an amazing day. Thank you to all the Junior House teachers and staff who organised this wonderful trip for us. 


All those present at last night’s Spring Concert will, I am sure, agree that it was a joy from beginning to end.  That so many pupils “put themselves out there” to play intricate individual pieces (or in one case a delightful duet) and rose to the challenge of public performance, says so much about their character. It was also very well attended by families – hardly an available seat – and with the astonishing variety of talented instrumentalists and singers made for a captivating evening.  A huge thank-you to all the staff present, the accompanists, the glorious playing of Mrs Freeman and Miss Tovey for administering the concert from start to finish and producing the programme.

Mrs Wilson