We trust very few people with our daughter but Seaton House has not only taken care of her as an extended family but made her academically and socially into a very capable young girl. The small class sizes have meant that the children learn to get on with each other and have built very close friendships that will last a lifetime and experiences that such a small school really shouldn’t be able to offer but does, all the time. The staff are always approachable and do everything they can for the girls and there’s a mutual respect between the teachers and parents, we all work hard for the girls and we get excellent results in return. As well as the great academics, there is excellent sports and drama provision and plenty of exciting school trips and visitors to keep the girls excited and engaged. We couldn’t have chosen a better school.

Mr Melikian July 2024

Seaton House is a superbly led school that has enabled my daughter to explore, develop and succeed.

Dr Betteridge July 2024

In 2014 Miriam joined Seaton House Nursery aged 3 and now Kitty approaches her final day just a couple of days shy of her 11th birthday. That means our journey with Seaton House has been just over a decade and I can’t believe how quickly it has gone. None of us are particularly adept at goodbyes but I wanted to say how grateful I am to all of you for providing the firmest yet springiest of foundations for our girls as they spread their wings from childhood to the young women they are today. In the last few days, we have been recalling so many memories created in and around the school. From the Early Years Christmas shows to the West-End quality edition of Matilda, it has been a blast. For a small school, Seaton House has truly punched so far above its weight in terms of the experiences and opportunities it has provided. But most of all, we appreciate the positive energy and kindness that each and every one of you has invested in our girls, alongside encouraging and establishing their curiosity and confidence. Whilst we as parents have muddled through a decade of trying (not always successfully) to do the best for our girls alongside busy jobs, you have been our constant and steadfast partners providing the stability and nurturing atmosphere that we couldn’t always seamlessly maintain ourselves. We are truly grateful.

We leave the Seaton House community tomorrow with fondness for you all and we wish the whole school family every success and happiness as it evolves alongside the next generation of Seaton House girls.

Dr Kirby – July 2024

On our first visit to Seaton House School, we were taken aback by the homely, cosy atmosphere we observed. This atmosphere continued throughout our daughter’s time through Seaton – the school is truly a special place.

The school’s strong academic focus was an incredible bonus. Its talented teachers and staff have set her up well for the future. After her 11+ exams, she received offers from local grammar schools and multiple scholarship offers from renowned private schools, allowing her the flexibility to choose the next best steps.

In addition to academics, the school has encouraged our daughter to grow into a polite, organised, and independent girl. She’s made close friendships and has thoroughly enjoyed her journey through the school.

We feel incredibly fortunate that our daughter was able to spend so many of her formative years at this amazing school.

Mr and Mrs Turner – July 2024

Our daughter will be leaving Seaton House this summer after 9 years being surrounded by her school friends, most supportive and invested teachers and school staff. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone at Seaton House who taught, supported and inspired her to follow her dreams. The teachings were always insightful and the pastoral care provided was tailored to individual needs. The teachers prepared the girls for the 11+ and independent school exams well, which is reflected in the school table.

She has found a strong group of friends and she is looking forward to spending the summer holidays with them, before joining the secondary school of her choice in September. She is leaving Seaton House with a very heavy heart and tears in her eyes but looks forward to catching up with her friends on a regular basis.

C and I Felzines – July 2024

I am writing to let you know that, as a result of relocation to Hong Kong with work, it is with a heavy heart that we give notice for Sophia to leave Seaton House after the end of the summer term.

She has had a most wonderful journey since joining in lower nursery. Because of the support, gentle care and outstanding teaching you and the team offered to Sophia, it was actually one of the major hesitations in whether or not I accept the relocation opportunity.

Thank you so much – the girls are very lucky (and most don’t even know it!). If miraculously a space is available upon our return to the UK in the next few years, we would very gladly and without hesitation bring Sophia back to Seaton House.

Mr Chan – June 2024

Choosing a primary school for our daughter where academics was at the forefront of our priorities, Seaton House stood out over all the other schools within the area. We cannot begin to express our gratitude and thanks to the Headmaster, teachers and support staff who have nurtured and brought out the very best in her. She is leaving Seaton House this summer to move to Secondary school and we hope that she finds as much happiness and success in her new school as she has done whilst she has attended here.

To the many parents who have to make the decision as to where you send your child, I can assure you that Seaton House will not disappoint and your expectations will be met and more likely be exceeded. For this very reason we had no hesitation in sending our younger daughter to Seaton House.

The greatest strength of the school is by far the teachers and support staff who honestly make this a very unique school. They really are what makes this school so amazing and I cannot begin to thank them enough for everything that they have done for my children.

I wholeheartedly assure anyone reading this testimonial that Seaton House School will not only give your child a great academic start but more importantly be a surrounding that will make them wanting to come to school everyday. As a parent all you can ask for is for your child’s happiness and Seaton House always delivers when it comes to that.

Mr and Mrs Patel June 2024

It is with both a heavy and happy heart that we as a family write this testimonial about Seaton House School. Seaton House has been like a home to our family and three daughters over the past 24 years. There was no doubt which primary school our other girls were going to because our first daughter always felt so happy and confident in the school and made many great friends some of who she still keeps in touch with. And this trend only continued with our other two girls! Not only have they gained a great education but also important social skills which have been so important for their transition to high school and beyond. We really want to use this as an opportunity to say a big thank you to all the staff, past and present, for helping influence who our girls are today. We will truly miss Seaton House.

Mrs Thompson May 2024

This really is an end of an era for our family and what an incredibly special time it has been. Little did I know when I attended Seaton House,1979-1987, that we would have three daughters who would follow in my footsteps.

When our eldest daughter left in 2016, we realised that Seaton House had given her a great foundation on which to build at secondary school and hoped that the twins’ Seaton House journey would be just as positive. In true Seaton House fashion, this great school has not disappointed or failed to deliver and both the girls are leaving here so well-prepared and ready for the challenges of senior school, having had an amazing time too.

As parents and as a family we would just like to say one massive thank you for everything you have done for our three daughters from the moment they joined Nursery as little girls to the confident, polite young ladies they have become, ready for pastures new. The nurturing environment, the outstanding teaching, the strong sense of community and the amazing experiences and opportunities they have had the privilege to be part of have had such a positive and undoubtedly long-lasting impact on them. We know that Seaton House will always be a special place for them and that they will look back at their time here with fondness and gratitude.

We hope the school continues to grow and flourish in the years to come, whilst holding fast to the traditional family and community values that are central to making this small school such a special one.

Mr and Mrs Erasmus July 2023

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to share how pleased we are with the choice to move both our girls to Seaton House this year.

For our eldest daughter it has been wonderful to see just how happy she is in school now. It means the world to us to see her literally run into school in the morning and then coming home keen to share what’s happened in her day. She has loved things like Matilda week and really enjoys Art, VR, ICT and Music lessons and all the extra-curricular activities.

Our younger daughter has also settled incredibly well and loves being in school. She has made friends quickly and her learning is progressing at an amazing rate of knots! Again, she loves the extra-curricular activities and adores Miss McGreevy and Mrs Newton. Turns out a nudge from Miss McGreevy is the way to get anything done, from spelling practice to eating vegetables! We really feel, as parents, that her strengths are seen and that there are huge numbers of opportunities to help her develop and grow.

We also always appreciate the work the office do in responding to emails, chasing down kit and sending photos of the girls in assembly and at events. And it’s always nice that the site staff say hello and goodbye to the girls (and us!) at the beginning and end of every day. It makes for a lovely pastoral atmosphere in which we feel the girls are really known and heard.

Karl & Vicky O’Keeffe July 2023

Words cannot truly express our deep appreciation. Channah wouldn’t have become the person she is today without the guidance and support of wonderful teachers and support staff, as well as Mr. Bates and Mrs. McGreevy of course. Seaton House is absolutely amazing, and we have no hesitation in recommending it to our friends who may consider settling in Sutton.

Ms Cheung July 2023

I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the commitment and effort that each of you puts into creating a positive and empowering environment for the girls at our school. The work that you do in fostering the growth and development of our young students is truly admirable and it is clear that your dedication is having a tangible impact on their success.

I was particularly impressed at the Parent Rep Meeting by the level of effort that goes into listening to the feedback of parents and maintaining an efficient and effective structure within the school. Your attention to detail and willingness to make meaningful changes in response to parent feedback is a testament to your commitment to excellence.

Once again, I want to extend my deepest thanks for all that you do to support the girls and families at Seaton House. I look forward to continuing to work with each of you to ensure that our school continues to be a place where students can thrive.

Anurag Singh January 2023

Thank you for all your hard word, enthusiasm and dedication to the girls this term and making school such a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. We are so fortunate to be part of this community and will definitely miss it when our girls leave next summer.

Mr and Mrs Erasmus December 2022

We could not be happier with both girls being at Seaton House. I know they are safe, nurtured and they come home happy every afternoon. Thank you for everything that you and all the staff do to make the school a success.

Dr Rahman October 2022

Seaton House has been a lovely experience for my daughter, she has developed into a happy confident child due to such a warm and caring environment.

Mrs Patel July 2022

What an incredible Sports Day put on my Seaton House. Fantastically orchestrated and the enthusiasm Mr Colomer has for sport is second to none. He is brilliant with the girls and the parents.

Well done

Mrs Dennison June 2022

Mr Colomer,

Our first ever sports day – and I have to say it was an amazing. Well done for all the co-ordination and the hard work. Also, well done to the whole of Seaton House School staff!

It was such a lovely day and we all had so much fun!

Wilson and Shima (Misha’s Parents) June 2022

Thanks for everything you have done and are doing at the school. My girls love it there and are flourishing!

Mr Nasim February 2022

My daughter has settled-in so well. She is really enjoying herself and misses school on the weekends!

Dr Boga November 2021

Seaton House School has provided my daughter with an excellent early years foundation. Since starting in Nursery, she has grown exponentially in confidence both with core educational principles and social skills. The early years team are incredibly supportive and kind to the children and my daughter has enjoyed her time at the school very much. Thank you Seaton House!

Dr Paget July 2021

For the last 6 years, there has not been a single day that Lucy did not want to go to school. She is very happy here and has gained so much confidence year by year with the support of all the teachers and staff at Seaton House. I would like to thank you for all your support and will definitely recommend this school to our friends.

Also, a special thank you to Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. McGreevy for your dedication to the girls. Lucy will miss you all very much

Mrs Phadsuwandesh – July 2021

Having seen my daughter progress from the nursery all the way through the senior school at Seaton House, I would whole heartedly recommend this school. It has the right balance; great academic standards and 11+ results whilst also nurturing the girls and having a lot of fun along the way. The quality of teaching is excellent and due to the small size of the school, the teachers know each pupil individually and how to support them and bring out the best in them. I saw my own very shy, quiet daughter gradually come out of her shell and end her time here with performing in the senior school production! There are plenty of extracurricular activities to choose from including sports, music, chess, drama and many more. As they move up the school, the older girls take on leadership roles and look out for the younger ones. The school fosters a great ethos of kindness, generosity and inclusiveness, values which will stay with us forever more.

Shazma Mawani – July 2021

“Thank you Mrs Wilson for all your support and encouragement throughout the school- from having fun with learning new vocabulary to participating in the orchestra and being passionate about history, it was your enthusiasm that had such a positive impact on Annah and many others”.

Dr Mawani – June 2021

“The foundation that is given in the Early Years setting is without a doubt outstanding. The confidence that is given to the children to learn and be themselves allows them to learn without judgement whatever their ability and forge friendships that I can see will be set for life. We will be sad to leave for pastures new. Seaton House will always hold a dear place in our hearts”.

Mrs Nitz – April 2021

Our daughter chose City of London for Girls’ School, Guildford High and St. Paul’s as her preferred secondary schools. She received admission offers from all these schools, in addition to Nonsuch High.

It was very hard for her to decline an acceptance from any of these schools as they were very close to her heart. At the same time she also felt really honoured to have received such positive feedback from all the schools.

She has decided she would like to join St. Paul’s as her secondary school. We’d like to thank Seaton House School and all the teachers for the incredible support without which she wouldn’t have performed as well as she did.

Once again, thank you so much for always being there for her.

Mrs Jamshaid – March 2021

Dear Mr Endersby

Thank you for all your hard work this term, I can imagine it’s very challenging teaching virtually, but I just wanted to say you are doing a great job.

My daughter is really enjoying all the topics and getting quite stuck in at home.

Ms Do (Form II)  – January 2021

Live PE with Mr. Colomer. Brilliant. Just brilliant! Especially during these wet, cold and dark winter days where outdoor activities are limited. Thank you.

Mrs O  – January 2021