Seaton House School has provided my daughter with an excellent early years foundation. Since starting in Nursery, she has grown exponentially in confidence both with core educational principles and social skills. The early years team are incredibly supportive and kind to the children and my daughter has enjoyed her time at the school very much. Thank you Seaton House!

Dr Paget July 2021

For the last 6 years, there has not been a single day that Lucy did not want to go to school. She is very happy here and has gained so much confidence year by year with the support of all the teachers and staff at Seaton House. I would like to thank you for all your support and will definitely recommend this school to our friends.

Also, a special thank you to Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. McGreevy for your dedication to the girls. Lucy will miss you all very much

Mrs Phadsuwandesh – July 2021

Having seen my daughter progress from the nursery all the way through the senior school at Seaton House, I would whole heartedly recommend this school. It has the right balance; great academic standards and 11+ results whilst also nurturing the girls and having a lot of fun along the way. The quality of teaching is excellent and due to the small size of the school, the teachers know each pupil individually and how to support them and bring out the best in them. I saw my own very shy, quiet daughter gradually come out of her shell and end her time here with performing in the senior school production! There are plenty of extracurricular activities to choose from including sports, music, chess, drama and many more. As they move up the school, the older girls take on leadership roles and look out for the younger ones. The school fosters a great ethos of kindness, generosity and inclusiveness, values which will stay with us forever more.

Shazma Mawani – July 2021

“Thank you Mrs Wilson for all your support and encouragement throughout the school- from having fun with learning new vocabulary to participating in the orchestra and being passionate about history, it was your enthusiasm that had such a positive impact on Annah and many others”.

Dr Mawani – June 2021

“The foundation that is given in the Early Years setting is without a doubt outstanding. The confidence that is given to the children to learn and be themselves allows them to learn without judgement whatever their ability and forge friendships that I can see will be set for life. We will be sad to leave for pastures new. Seaton House will always hold a dear place in our hearts”.

Mrs Nitz – April 2021

Our daughter chose City of London for Girls’ School, Guildford High and St. Paul’s as her preferred secondary schools. She received admission offers from all these schools, in addition to Nonsuch High.

It was very hard for her to decline an acceptance from any of these schools as they were very close to her heart. At the same time she also felt really honoured to have received such positive feedback from all the schools.

She has decided she would like to join St. Paul’s as her secondary school. We’d like to thank Seaton House School and all the teachers for the incredible support without which she wouldn’t have performed as well as she did.

Once again, thank you so much for always being there for her.

Mrs Jamshaid – March 2021

Dear Mr Endersby

Thank you for all your hard work this term, I can imagine it’s very challenging teaching virtually, but I just wanted to say you are doing a great job.

My daughter is really enjoying all the topics and getting quite stuck in at home.

Ms Do (Form II)  – January 2021

Live PE with Mr. Colomer. Brilliant. Just brilliant! Especially during these wet, cold and dark winter days where outdoor activities are limited. Thank you.

Mrs O  – January 2021

Thank you to all the teachers and support staff, management team, office, bursar and maintenance staff for everything you have done this term especially under the circumstances with COVID restrictions etc. We don’t underestimate how much extra effort must have gone into preparing the school and lessons etc and it’s a testament to everyone at the school of the success when we see how excited our daughters are to go to school every day and all the wonderful things they have to say when they return. We have been so pleased to see our daughters continue to be able to enjoy everything the school has to offer and to continue to flourish this term. They are already counting down the days till they can return in 2021!

Mr And Mrs M. Parents to children in Years 1 & 4. December 2020

As a former a pupil, a parent with three daughters, one whom has now left Seaton House and two who are currently in senior house, I can wholeheartedly say that Seaton House is a very special community. Aside from the outstanding teaching and dedication of a great team of teachers, the school also provides a nurturing environment for girls to develop confidence and learn new skills, whether it be by participating in music concerts, sports events, poetry assemblies or residential trips. All three girls have been nothing but happy at this school and my eldest still speaks very fondly of her time here. There is no doubt that Seaton House gave her an excellent foundation and she left a confident and well-rounded individual, more than able and ready to take on the challenges of high school both academically and emotionally.

Mrs Erasmus Parent to Upper Junior School children November 2020

Having both our daughters at Seaton House School not only affords them with the academic excellence and intellectual challenge that is so very important, but here, they become part of a genuinely caring and supportive community that is second to none.

It’s no wonder that the children at Seaton House settle in so quickly. The staff are passionately dedicated to providing each child with the differentiated learning challenges they need, but, even more than this, is the palpable sense of how much every child is valued at Seaton House School.

The children themselves know this and it is very much evident to us as parents, that what has been created here isn’t just a school, but a home from home that our children can truly thrive in.

It’s also heartening to see the kindness and consideration with which the children relate to each other and the affectionate bonds of friendship that are formed. All very much testament to the culture of care and respect that is crafted at Seaton House.

In addition to all this, a huge bonus and pleasant surprise for us, were the pleasant and spacious grounds that the girls have access to in the junior school. Who would have thought that all that space was hidden behind the rows of houses on Banstead South Road?!

As both a parent and a teacher who is deeply passionate about education, having spent nearly two decades teaching at and researching into some of the leading schools in the country, it gives me such joy (and relief!) to have found such a wonderfully unique place for our girls to embark on their school learning journey.

I am truly grateful for all the hard work and loving care invested into each child by the warm and welcoming staff at Seaton; I have worked with numerous teachers and support staff over the years and hope that Team Seaton realise just how fantastic they are!

Mrs W Parent to Early Years Children November 2020

I want to let you know that my daughter is having a ball in Nursery – she even wanted to go to school on Saturday which we take as an excellent indication of the stimulation and fun she is having, and the quality of your staff. Thanks to all the team.

Mrs Mendes October 2020

In a year that has tested the resilience of everything we know, I can truly say that our little school has risen to the challenge. Behind the scenes, everyone from our fantastic Site Manager to our Senior Leadership Team and all in between, have beavered away in ways that none of us will truly appreciate, to ensure that our children continue to receive the best education and most importantly, go into school skipping and come home with a wider smile than they had going in. If only all children could have what ours have….that would be my wish.

Dr Hutton Parent of a child in Upper Junior School September 2020

Thank you to Mrs Newton who always welcomes us so warmly at drop off – even when I take ages at the door. Which is most of the time!

This sums up so much about Seaton House – what a caring and loving and happy place it is!

Mrs W Parent to a Nursery Child – September 2020

As Class Rep, I speak on behalf of all the parents, we are truly grateful for what the teachers have done, and are doing to help the little ones flourish in what are very difficult times”.

Dr Patel – June 2020

We are really pleased with how hard our daughter is working across all subjects and the house points that she is gathering motivate her even more. Thanks again to all the teachers involved in creating all the online lessons. Although my daughter misses all of her friends and teachers very much, the work being set and the live lessons provide some sense of normality in these strange times and help to keep her occupied, engaged and learning – which we very much appreciate.

Mrs S – June 2020

I just asked my daughter how school was today. She said “it was so much fun seeing my friends. It was literally like Heaven after lockdown”

Thank you to all the Seaton House team for making our Year 6 girls have a semblance of normality for their last few weeks !

Mrs Sharma –  June 2020

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with how the school has organised the home learning. It’s true- nobody likes change, but when we are forced to, it seems we learn new skills. My daughter and I really like how clearly all the work has been set out. It’s obvious the teachers have taken a lot of time and thought to put this together. Please let them know how appreciated this is. Having just read your communication on next week’s online learning, it is again clear how the structure that we all value will be maintained as much as possible- so thank you for this too.

Dr Hutton – April 2020