Seaton House Uniform

To read the list of uniform required, please refer to the Uniform Policy.  You can read the policy by clicking on the link below:

The School Uniform Suppliers are:
AlleyCatz Co LtD,
34 Molesey Road,
Hersham, Surrey
KT12 4RQ
Tel: 01932 223075
For online ordering and home delivery, their web address is:

All pupils are expected to wear uniform. Please also ensure that your child is not wearing jewellery, only small, plain stud earrings are acceptable, which must be removed by the pupil for all PE/Games activities. If pupils are unable to remove earrings independently, they should not be worn on PE days.


SKIRT LENGTH must be to the knee or below.  This applies to the summer dress, pinafore dress and kilt,

SHOES must be black and may be purchased from any good shoe shop. Heels should be no higher than 2.5 cms. Slip-on, open-toed and/or sling-back styles are not permitted. Shoes must be secured by a strap or laces. If your daughter has laced shoes, please ensure that she can securely tie the laces unaided.

HAIR must retain its natural colour. Hair styles should be neat, tidy and worn off the face. All hair at or beyond shoulder length should be tied back.

HAIR BRAIDING is allowed ONLY if the braids are secured by hair bands which are either black, brown or maroon. Hair braiding secured by beads is NOT allowed.

HAIR RIBBONS / HAIR BANDS / SCRUNCHIES should be navy, maroon or of fabric matching the summer dress. No glitter or sparkles please.

HAIR SLIDES should be neutral coloured, preferably brown or silver.

NAIL POLISH is not allowed. Girls may not wear false nails.

WATCHES must be small, discrete and only to be worn once girls can tell the time. All watches must be named.

JEWELLERY is not permitted other than small, plain gold or silver stud earrings. Earrings must be removed for all Games/ PE lessons. If pupils cannot remove earrings themselves, then they should not wear them on PE days.

Please clearly name all uniform, PE kits and personal belongings before they are brought into school. Please ensure that naming is PERMANENT – ‘biro’ washes out very quickly!

LUNCHBOX Please ensure that your daughter’s lunch box or bag will fit into her school rucksack. Please name all lunchboxes. If your daughter requires any cutlery, this should be sent in from home.