Eco Code 2024
On Eco Day this year, all of the girls from Forms I-VI created an Eco Code to reflect Seaton House School’s core values and the commitment we have made to improving our environmental performance and striving towards a sustainable future. The Eco-Committee chose this Eco Code as the winner to represent our school – well done to Zaynab, Kitty and Kareena (FVI).

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We have heard the news that Mrs Valerie Richards, a previous Headteacher of Seaton House School has passed away.  Please read our tribute here.

In memory of Valerie Richards


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2024.

Our building project is now complete and open! Years 1 & 2 are so happy to be in their new, bright classrooms and library. We also have a lovely mirrored studio which will be used by our music department, many of our after school clubs and Love Theatre Arts who are now on site two days a week 😃



Just before Christmas, The Sunday Times published their Parent Power Rankings for the Top 100 Prep Schools in England.

We are delighted to announce that Seaton House School remains at Number 2!

To the Seaton House School community – have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for 2023!


We are delighted to tell you that work on the Pavilion has now started and will finish next March. 🙂

We are delighted to announce that Seaton House School has been awarded The Wellbeing Award for Schools by The National Children’s Bureau.

Congratulations to Mrs McGreevy for all her hard work with not only achieving the award but for ensuring that wellbeing is at the heart of day-to-day life at Seaton House School, for the entire community.

In this month’s ISA Journal, Carl Bates, Headteacher of Seaton House School writes about British trained and educated teachers who have left the UK to work overseas.  His first hand experience as a veteran of two spells overseas gives food for thought to those thinking of following in his footsteps and its impact on the UK teaching profession.  The article can be downloaded or read here(page 36-37).