Form I Assembly – We Celebrate Chinese New Year

On Friday morning,  Form I held their assembly in the hall. The girls told us all about the Chinese New Year, which will be celebrated this year on 16th February. Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 days with fireworks, coloured lanterns, dragon parades and delicious food. Each Chinese New Year is named after an animal – this year will be the Year of the Dog.  In days gone by, twelve animals were arguing noisily because they each believed that the new year should be named after them. To settle the argument, the Chinese Gods asked the animals to swim across the river and awarded the honour to the winner – the Rat. Each new year after that was awarded to the animals in the order that they completed the race. Very well done to the girls for this wonderful and informative assembly. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch and to Mrs Simpson and Mrs Budgett for helping us to put on such a fantastic performance.

African Drumming Day


This morning, we did something very different. Ed from Education Group Workshops came in to school to teach us African Drumming. Within half an hour we had learned different patterns and we were drumming along to the beat – in time and with rhythm. It was very powerful. We also made our own spirit drums and learned all about the different African flags and languages. Thank you to Ed for coming along to teach us and to Mrs Wilson for organising such a wonderful morning that had a huge impact on all of us.

First Aid Day


This afternoon, Sally and Liz from St John Ambulance came in to school to teach FV and FVI some life-saving first aid skills. The girls were taught how to cope with bleeding, bruising, burns and scalding and how to dress a wound with bandages. They learned to recognise an asthma attack and how to assess an accident scene, how to put someone into the recovery position and how to deal with shock. They are now familiar with the contents of a first aid kit and would be able to assist someone who is choking or who has fainted. These skills will save lives. Huge thanks to Liz and Sally for spending the day with us, teaching us these invaluable skills and to Mrs Mannooch and Mrs Fairweather for organising such a fantastic, worthwhile day

Seaton House School Welcomes The Mayor


This morning we welcomed three very special guests to Seaton House School: – The Worshipful the Mayor of the London Borough of Sutton Councillor Jean Crossby and Lauren and Ella, former Seaton House Pupils. Both girls are now at Nonsuch High School. Ella was Head Girl when she was here at Seaton House and Lauren is now Head Girl at Nonsuch. The girls are both doing extremely well and are loving every minute of life at Nonsuch. They attribute their success to the wonderful staff at Seaton House, especially Mrs Wilson, ‘an amazing and inspirational leader.’ The girls wanted to talk to us about leadership, how we all have the qualities to be great leaders and how important it is to use these qualities and to work hard to achieve our goals. They asked our pupils to think of some role models, citing Emily Davidson as a perfect example. Emily was a Suffragette, she fought for women’s rights and gave her life so that women could vote. Madam Mayor agreed with the girls – she commented that with hard work, a cheerful and positive attitude and a clear goal, any young girl can be whatever she wants to be – Prime Minister, lawyer, engineer or astronaut. Future Mayor anyone?


Santa visits Junior House Christmas Party


Junior House Christmas Party. Last Friday, Junior House held their Christmas Party in the hall and the excitement was off the scale. We played Pass the Parcel and Musical Statues and then, a very, very special visitor came to see us. We could not believe our eyes – we nearly fainted! Santa Claus really is coming to town………..

DT Enrichment Day


Last Monday, Seaton House held a DT Enrichment Day. We brought in shoe boxes to make our own diorama – a scene – in 3D! We each carefully planned our diorama, then we created them using many different materials: paint, coloured pens, wool, fabric and lots more. Our imaginations ran riot as we created underwater scenes and voyages to outer space! We then evaluated our work. As you can see, the results were spectacular. Thank you Mrs Baker for organising such an amazing, creative day.

Prickly Hay – Junior House Nativity Play

Junior House Nativity

Junior House Nativity

If we weren’t feeling Christmassy before, we certainly are now! This morning, Junior House performed Prickly Hay, the dress rehearsal of their Christmas Nativity and it was so beautiful it made us cry. Parents who have not seen it yet are in for a treat next week. The message of the play was simple – it doesn’t matter who we are or what we do – we are all important and we all count. The girls gave a fantastic performance. Their acting ability and their talent for music was so apparent – we are sure we have one or two future Oscar winners in our midst. Thank you to Miss Goodsell, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Budgett for organising such a lovely, heartwarming Christmas play.

Seaton House Winter Wonderland Fair


Christmas has arrived here at Seaton House! Our lovely Winter Wonderland Fair on Saturday has put us all firmly into the Christmas Spirit. Our wonderful POSH team worked tirelessly to transform the cabin into Santa’s Grotto and the school hall into a Winter Wonderland of stalls selling lovely Christmas fayre. There were donkeys for the children to ride, a Grand Raffle and a Christmas Bake-Off, judged by our very own Mrs Morrison and Mrs Evans, Chair of Governors! Very well done to the winners and to all our bakers whose cakes were hugely appreciated in the refreshments room. Thank you so much to POSH and SHS staff who turned up, pitched in and helped to make the day a huge success.

Science Day


Today was Science Day at Seaton House. We donned our virtual reality goggles and flew to Mars and Jupiter. We made our own stars, we did Space Coding with Scratch and we learned how to apply to fly to the moon. We all want to be astronauts! Thank you Mrs Brooks for organising such an inspirational and super-cosmic day!

Seaton House V Rowan Gym Competition

Medals pic

Yesterday, 35 girls from Seaton House and Rowan School competed in a gymnastic floor competition in the school hall. The girls performed a set routine on a strip of mats in front of lots of parents, siblings and grandparents! All the girls showed fantastic skills and courage and Seaton House won the competition overall. Congratulations girls! Very well done. Huge thanks to Mrs Mannooch and Mrs Fairweather for organising the competition.