Our Hawaiian Luau on Saturday 21st June was a roaring success and the weather was perfect. Thank you so much to all the POSH ladies for organising this spectacular event and to all of our Seaton House families and friends for coming along to enjoy the afternoon.


This morning, Reception Class invited family and friends to hear their lovely singing, followed by morning coffee and lots of cake.  If we were really lucky, we got to hold a newly hatched baby duckling!  It was the loveliest celebration which really put us in the mood for Easter. Thank you so much to all our parents and
brother and sisters who came to support us and to Mrs McGreevy, Miss McGreevy and Mrs Cooper for organising such an amazing morning and for baking such yummy cakes! 


And so, as term draws to a close, we hold our last, whole school Celebration Assembly for Form VI, who make us laugh and cry as they tell funny stories and act out skits of hilarious things that have happened during their time here at Seaton House. Goodbye girls and good luck. Have a wonderful Summer break everyone.

On Saturday 23rd June, we held our annual Summer Fete. Thanks to POSH, who worked tirelessly to transform our field into a scene from the Wild West, we dressed up as cowboys – and girls! – we rode on the bucking bronco, we explored the visiting fire engine and learned what it is like to be a firefighter, we held a bake-off competition and we demonstrated our gymnastic and musical theatre skills. It was a wonderful afternoon and the weather was perfect. Thank you so much to all our parents and to the staff at Seaton House who worked so hard to put on such a fantastic afternoon.

Rain? We didn’t even notice! This morning we held the Grand Opening of our lovely, new Early Years Centre. Thank you so much to all our parents and friends who came to help us celebrate. Our Nursery and Reception pupils wore their Easter Bonnets with style and guided their parents around to see all the wonderful things we have been doing in Early Years. Then we had tea and cake – thank you to everyone who supported our cake sale, which was held to raise funds for Stand Up to Cancer. Thank you to all Early Years staff who helped to organise such a lovely event. Happy Easter everyone!

We did it! We have smashed this year’s target £2,018 and have raised an incredible £3,079, with more pledges to come. Thank you so much to parents, family and friends who have donated to this worthwhile cause and left those vital messages of support for our girls. Every pupil, from Lower Nursery to FVI, has participated in this event to help raise money to beat cancer. The rain did not dampen our spirits as we walked together to the Royal Marsden Hospital. Every penny, every small step counts. Thank you to every pupil for participating and to all the parents who turned out to help this morning and accompanied us on our march and to the staff who coordinated this amazing event. Thank you everyone.

This morning we held an Easter Egg Hunt and an Easter Bonnet Parade in Nursery. We worked together in pairs to find lots of numbered eggs which had been hidden in the garden, then we had to put them all in the right order from 1 – 10, to win a prize! We really enjoyed this challenge and we loved wearing our hats. Happy Easter everyone!


Nursery celebrated World Book Day by making and wearing their own ‘Guess the Book’ hat.  The results were amazing! Well done Nursery!



This Week Nursery took delivery of ten eggs.  Over a few days all ten eggs hatched safely and we had Easter Chicks to look after.  We had to be very careful, as they are so small and fluffy.  We were very proud to show them off during our Open Mornings.  We took them to every class so that all Seaton House pupils could see them.



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